Pampered Pets Cat Sitting FAQS

Do you have questions about our pet sitting service? You’ll probably find the answers right here.

Will different people be visiting my cat? No. Your cat will have the same pet sitter for the duration of your trip. Actually, we try to never switch pet sitters, so he’ll probably have the same friend visit every time you go away for life.

Do you have a backup plan if you can’t get here? Yes, we do. There should be no interruption in service due to illness or a family emergency.

Are you available at the last minute? Yes. Once your account is set up with us, we can care for your cats with very little notice if you have an emergency or last minute business trip. That said, we do appreciate as much notice as possible.

Do you work on holidays? Absolutely! Christmas and Thanksgiving are our busiest times of the year. That’s why we don’t take new clients for those holidays.

I’m going away for a month. Is that too long to leave my cat home alone? Most cats do very well when their people are gone for an extended period of time. We do recommend two visits a day though, at least for the last week or so of your trip.

A friend is going to watch my cat. Can you come on the days she can’t make it? We don’t share cat sitting with friends or neighbors. The cat needs to establish a routine with his pet sitter, and that’s not possible when different people are caring for him. He won’t know what to expect from one day to the next and will be very stressed.

Can you give my cat medicine twice a day? We’re really good at giving cats medicine, and we have all kinds of tips and tricks to share with you if you’re interested. As long as your cat is touchable, we can give him his medicine.

If I’m delayed getting home, will you continue visiting my cat? If you’re going to be delayed, we’d appreciate a call or email, but we’ll continue visiting until we know someone is home.

Would you be willing to let my indoor/outdoor cats go out? Yes, although we like the cats to stay in for the first couple of days so they can get used to us and the sounds of our voices. If you want your cat to stay in while you’re away, we can take him out on a harness and leash, with your permission. Some indoor/outdoor cats think that’s better than nothing, and others would rather stay inside and sulk!

Can I call, text or email you to see how my cat is doing? Yes! We love to provide updates. Since we can be hard to reach by phone, email or a text message is always best. Or you can message Pampered Pets on Facebook. 

Are you bonded and insured? Yes, we are.

More questions? Email us, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.