The People Who Pamper Your Cats

Pampered Pets owner Missy Zane has loved and lived with animals all of her life. As a child, she chose weekly allergy shots rather than giving up her dogs and cats.

Today, she shares her home with many pampered cats, some permanent residents and some fosters. She’s the founder of the Howard County Cat Club, a local no-kill cat rescue, and provides cat behavior consultations by telephone and email.

When she’s not pet sitting, she writes about cat care and behavior for several websites. She’s the publisher of the cat behavior website, How To Live With Cats and writes several blogs about cats.

She started the Howard County Cat Club in 1998 in celebration of Pampered Pets’  20th anniversary. Since then, the organization has placed hundreds of no-longer-wanted cats in new forever homes and is known and respected throughout the Baltimore/Washington region.

We believe that pet sitters should be knowledgeable about the companion animals in their care. So our pet sitters are cat experts. We know cats need and deserve as much attention from their pet sitters as dogs do. Since we’re primarily cat sitters, we never have to sandwich visits to cats in between dog walks.

For us, pet sitting is more than a job, it’s a labor of love. That’s why we would never entrust just anyone with our clients’ animals or homes. All of the people who work with us were friends or clients before they became pet sitters. We know how well they care for their own animals and homes. And we know they treat our clients with the same care and respect. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our service area includes Columbia, parts of Ellicott City, Maple Lawn, the sections of North Laurel and Jessup that are near Route 1, and the area of Elkridge just off Route 100.


As of April 2018, our rates for most households were $22 a visit. We charge for our time, and there is never an additional fee for multiple pets or for giving medication. However, there may be an extra charge if a visit takes more than 1/2 hour-45 minutes. We visit cats in our care at least once a day. Please don’t ask us to visit your cat every other day!
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